My wife (Jillian) and I have called Las Cruces home for most of our adult lives. From 2006 to 2010, we lived and worked here while I earned my bachelor’s degree from NMSU. We made some great memories during that time, one of which was buying our first home. When we realized that by purchasing a home we lowered our monthly payments and started building equity, we were sold on the idea. We scraped together the money for a down payment, and called the Pierce team to help us find the right place. They did. Katie and CJ helped us to find a great deal on the place that was perfect for us. They guided us through the whole process, bringing a level of insight and negotiation to the table that was totally foreign to us at the time.

The decision to buy a home early on gave us a great deal of financial security that we would not have had otherwise. Our mortgage payment was so much lower than our rent payment, we were able to update and upgrade the house while we lived there. When the time came that my job required us to move out of state for a few years, we had built up not only the equity that accumulates from payments, but also a great deal of sweat equity that resulted from slowly upgrading our home. We were able to move, pay off student loans, and put a down payment on another house in another state.

Fast forward to the present, and here we are, back in Las Cruces. Jillian is teaching preschool again, the kids are enrolled in the Las Cruces Public School system, and as a family, we are enjoying all that Las Cruces has to offer. Having spent most of the last decade negotiating, planning, and managing construction projects, I have a new goal. I want to help other people the same way that the Pierce Team helped us. I hope that you will call us, we would love to provide you with an unparalleled level of service.

-Sam Rowan

The Rowan family: Jillian, Jimmy, Sam and Ella

Our kids: Allie, Noah & Sophie

Sam Rowan, Associate Broker

C.J. and Katie Pierce met at the University of New Mexico in 1988.  Katie grew up in the northern New Mexico mountain town of Los Alamos, and C.J. is a native of the Las Cruces area with many ties to the community. Their love of literature, athletics and the outdoors has kept their time together fun and exciting.  They have three wonderful children, one attending New Mexico State University, and the other two in the Las Cruces Public School system.  Allie, Noah and Sophie are all honors students and active athletes, while both girls enjoy singing, and their son enjoys playing electric and acoustical guitar and bow hunting in his spare time. 

The Pierce family looks forward to serving the Las Cruces community with their more than 20 years' combined experience and relationships to their new company.  In addition to real estate experience, C.J. has a Masters' Degree in Education. C.J. also brings many years of experience in the finance and mortgage industries.  Katie earned her Bachelor's degree in English, which was the perfect lead into her 20+ year career as a paralegal in the Las Cruces community. 

Together, C.J. and Katie's experience and commitment to hard work make an amazing team, and they look forward to sharing their knowledge with you. C.J. and Katie welcome any questions you may have about residential, commercial, land and rental properties and look forward to providing you with the best real estate experience there is in the Las Cruces ~ Doña Ana County area.

Katie Pierce, Associate Broker

C.J. Pierce, Qualifying Broker

The Pierce Team